We offer AIX Hosting for AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1 with full root access.

  • 2 CPU Power5+ 2.1 GHz shared
  • 1.25 GB Main Memory dedicated
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 10 GB free Transfer Rate
The GCC Compiler collection is available and for an additional fee the IBM Fortran Compiler (xlf) and C/C++ Compiler (xlc)

  • 150 € / month excl. VAT or 178.50 € / incl. VAT
or request an offer in case the IBM Complier , more power and bandwidth is needed.

Just send an email to aix4me@metamodul.com with the subject: aix4root

Starting with mid of June 2008 we also offer an free account on AIX 5.3 & 6.1 .
For details see OpenAIX